Schuyler R, California

Tom & Ann N, California

Tony and Laura, Utah

Reed S, Seattle, WA

Chip C, Gibsonville, NC

RM Byrd, North Carolina

Carlos H.- Florida (2018-19)

T. Overlock (CT, USA)

Bill and Carol G., St. Michaels, MD (2017-18)

Bill B., NC, USA (2017- 18)

K. Mortensen, Corrales, NM (2017-18)

Mike Lawson of Henry's Fork Anglers Provides Thoughts on New Zealand... "Then and Now"

Client trip review - Gary Bone

Team Kiwi- 3rd Place in the Jackson Hole One Fly 2017

Kirk Deeter, - 2014-15

Don Hansen, San Rafael, CA - 2014-15

Jessie and Rich Tichko, Canterbury, NH - 2014-15

Stella Fong, Billings, MT - 2015-16

Steve Lant, Poughkeepsie, NY - 2015-16

Craig Cain, Colorado Springs, CO - 2015-16

Marc Masterton, Costa Mesa, CA - 2015-16

​Fire Dancing Bonefish - New Zealand style fly fishing for bonefish in Aitutaki's unique lagoon - 2016

Hope Page, - 2014-15

Nancy Blake, - 2014-15

Becky & Marty Duncan, - 2014-15

Fran Creamer, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL