T. Overlock (CT, USA)

RM Byrd, North Carolina

Carlos H.- Florida (2018-19)

Just wanted you to know that what you planned for us was perfect. We had a great time and all the locations we stayed at were amazing. The lodges were nice, the food was great, and we meet some really interesting people. The fishing was great too. I was able to get about 20 trout in 3 days. Never caught a giant, but saw some, and did catch many in that 3-4 lb range. I also had a great guide, Richard. Would like to fish with him again. Thanks so much for setting that up for us in such a short time.

Brian D., Stow, MA (2017-18)

Austin M., Goshen, KY (2017-18)

Bill B., NC, USA (2017- 18)

K. Mortensen, Corrales, NM (2017-18)

Cort & Tammy F., Port Charlotte, FL (2017-18)

Mike Lawson of Henry's Fork Anglers Provides Thoughts on New Zealand... "Then and Now"

Becky & Will M., Cashiers, NC (2017-18)

Client trip review - Gary Bone

Team Kiwi- 3rd Place in the Jackson Hole One Fly 2017

Kirk Deeter, - 2014-15

Don Hansen, San Rafael, CA - 2014-15

Jessie and Rich Tichko, Canterbury, NH - 2014-15

Stella Fong, Billings, MT - 2015-16

Steve Lant, Poughkeepsie, NY - 2015-16

Craig Cain, Colorado Springs, CO - 2015-16

Marc Masterton, Costa Mesa, CA - 2015-16

​Fire Dancing Bonefish - New Zealand style fly fishing for bonefish in Aitutaki's unique lagoon - 2016

Hope Page, - 2014-15

Nancy Blake, - 2014-15

Becky & Marty Duncan, - 2014-15

Fran Creamer, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL