Frequently Asked Questions

At what time of year is it best to fish in New Zealand?+

New Zealand is a beautiful country and any time of year is a great time to visit. Do it before you can’t fish these gorgeous rivers! Secretly, although many North Americans understandably want to fish at the height of the summer (and the dead of the winter in the USA), there are probably better times to fish.

  • October -> Mid-November This is the start of the season and while there is less pressure on the water, the weather can be windy and unstable. Where one fishes is important, as rivers can get blown out.
  • Mid-November -> Mid-December This is probably the best time taking everything into consideration. Accommodations will be less expensive and less crowded and the fish are well rested and very aggressive. Spring is in the air (meaning warmer days) and pressure on the water is less than in the summer time.
  • Mid-December -> Mid-January Like in the States, Christmas is a time when many Kiwis will take time off. Unlike in the States, this time lasts until about the second week in January. With many families visiting the mountains, lakes and the beach, and generally doing the same activities as people in the States would do on July 4th, accommodations and restaurants are at a premium.
  • Mid-January -> February The height of the summer. This is the most popular time to be in New Zealand.
  • March -> Mid-April The end of the fishing season for most of the country and the tourist season is over in all but the larger cities. At this time the water levels in the rivers will be lower. Choice for flies are back to large drys. There are usually not many windy days and it’s a beautiful time to watch the leaves start to turn throughout the country.
  • Mid-April -> September In the winter there are options to still fish in certain locations. Think lakes in the coldest months. While many rivers will be closed, trout are spawning and large fish are targeted as they enter the rivers from the lakes.