Keeping New Zealand As Pristine As We Can!

Travelers to New Zealand will need to pass not only through customs, but a biosecurity check upon landing into the country. A strict policy is in place to mitigate risks associated with the introduction of invasive plants and species.

Those visiting New Zealand are encouraged to obtain a basic awareness for the importance of protecting this special environment.

New Zealand’s “Check, Clean, Dry Programme”

This program is a longstanding, nation-wide set of actions that aim to influence the behavior of high-risk freshwater users. It is run as a partnership between government as well as local and regional authorities.

The purpose of this program is to prevent the spread of invasive freshwater pests such as didymo, Lagrarosiphon, koi carp, oxygen weed, hornwort and other pests which threaten the health of New Zealand's waterways.

Freshwater pests can spread easily from activities in and around waterways. It is important to check all equipment and chuck any weed hanging on to gear or equipment after leaving the water.

This link provides further information regarding what Check, Clean, Dry involves if you wish to know more:

Check, Clean, Dry: preventing didymo and other pests | NZ Government (

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