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With a third of the number of people as on the North Island, the South Island of New Zealand is uncrowded and boasts excellent places to both fish and golf. This 10-day itinerary begins in Queenstown and moves gradually to the north, however the direction of the trip is versatile and will depend on aspects like availability, guides, etc.  

Day 1 (Thursday)

Leave the US on a flight that leaves LAX at 11:30pm.  

Day 2 (Friday)

This day is "lost" to the International Dateline  

Day 3 (Saturday) Land and Transfer to Queenstown, A round of golf on the first day?

After landing in Auckland in the early morning (6am) you will clear customs and gather your bags at the International baggage claim. As it will be early in the morning in New Zealand, but 3 hours later to your body from the West Coast of the US, use this time to travel on the first day in the country.  

Via a short 10-minute walk to the domestic terminal (by following the marked lines out of the doors of the International terminal) or by taking the intra-terminal bus, you will make your way to the domestic terminal and recheck your bags on a domestic flight.  

Upon landing it will still be early in the day. Take this opportunity to explore the city of Queenstown and the surrounding area. Our team can recommend great day trips and interests – paying attention to stay away from some of the less authentic tourist traps. Some clients will travel directly from the airport to a golf course and get a round in on the first day as a way of stretching their legs. This is also a great way to get exercise and prepare your body further for New Zealand time.  

Day 4,5,6 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday): 3 days of Guided fly fishing

3 days of guided fishing in the area will expose you to different areas at the bottom of the South Island. Your guide will meet you at your accommodations and whether you opt to use helicopters to access water or simply take day trips out of town, the beauty and varied waters in this area will provide a great day out.  

This area is excellent for golf- boasting top courses like Jack’s Point, The Hills and the charming Arrowtown GC. If you should decide not to fish 3 days due to lack of time in the country, or perhaps extend a day in Queenstown, this is the best place to play golf in the South Island.  

Day 7 (Wednesday) A round of golf prior to leaving Queenstown

Today you will transfer from Queenstown to Christchurch and drive to the next fishing hot spot. However, prior to the flight feel free to get in another round of golf in the morning.  

You have a choice in accommodations outside of Queenstown- with our recommendation being an authentic Kiwi fishing lodge. Comfortable and inclusive of food, these lodges are a great place to wrap up a day fishing with other anglers.  

Day 8, 9, 10 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday): 3 days of Guided Fly Fishing

Guided fishing out a fly lodge on the South Island will provide you with an in-depth experience that few anglers around the world will ever have. Lodges cater to anglers and the conversation and friendships which ensue will be with you long after the trip is over. This is Kiwi hospitality at its best.  

Day 11 (Sunday): The trip back home

On this day you will transfer to the nearest airport to transfer back to Auckland and back to the US. You will land on the same day as you took off, gaining a day that you “lost” on the way over the International Dateline.

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Contact us to plan and book your NZ fly fishing adventure.