The Thrill of Fly Fishing for Large Trout

The Dry Fly -- The Ultimate Thrill   

Every fisherman has a dream and many dry fly fishing dreams are fulfilled in New Zealand waters. If you want to accept a challenge and put some real excitement back into your life, then travel down to the South Pacific equipped to present the lure "par excellence" -- the dry fly -- to a large, selectively feeding brown trout in crystal clear water.   

When your guide finds this fish for you, the scene will be set for the ultimate angling thrill and challenge. Your skill against the trout's natural caution, the classic one-on-one situation. For it is not really the fly, but the angler who succeeds. A keen eyed guide will certainly give you an edge, but when the cast is made it will be up to you. It is the angler who must control emotions, remain calm and present the dry fly accurately and delicately. The trout will not care who you are or where you come from; reputation means nothing to it, only the way you present your fly!  

Imagine presenting your fly from thirty feet behind. An almost imperceptible ripple rises to the surface as the big fellow slowly engulfs your floating creation of feather and hair. The intense drama unfolds before you. Your instinctive reaction is to immediately set the hook, however this would spell disaster. You remember the advice of your guide, patiently whisper to yourself "God Save The Queen", and then set the hook. Leaping into the air, the large trout tries to disengage the tiny dry fly. Several leaps and strong willed runs later, your guide slides a net under the fish -- a beautiful six pounder. Back home, it would be a trophy, or even the fish of a lifetime; in New Zealand, just another "good fish, mate." A quick photograph, out with the measure, then a delicate release and you're off in a flash to find another fish - maybe one that is even bigger!  

New Zealand, more than any other country in the world, offers this challenge to you. This is what fly fishing is all about. The water is clearer and the trout bigger and wilder, so you need to be adaptable and a good listener to your expert guide. The guide knows the rules and will ensure you the thrill of a big, wild trout slowly rising up and accepting your offering. We don't say it is easy; if you make a mistake, in all probability, it will cost you the trout. Your success will be a reflection of your skill and luck. But in New Zealand there will always be another chance, another bend in the stream, another big trout deliberately sipping and waiting for your dry fly or nymph. Experience the thrill this season!

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