Fly Fishing NZ

Fly fishing provides a shared pastime for men and women, friends and family. It has the ability to bring one back into contact with our natural world and allows us to appreciate the earth’s great beauty - removing ourselves from the daily grind.

New Zealand is special because it is so remote from other places on earth yet so accessible with modern flight! As one of the newest land masses, and last to be settled by humans, it developed a unique ecosystem over millions of years. With special care we can continue to appreciate this great piece of the world.

About the size of California in length and Colorado in land mass, New Zealand is one of the world’s great destinations to fish for wild trout. In a small amount of area one may find an amazing topography- from sharp mountain peaks to glaciers to lakes and crystal clear streams. Being stream-born the fish are notoriously selective in their flies and have been known to fight after being hooked via amazing jumps and long runs.

Although the first trout were imported into the Auckland area in 1861 it was not until 1887 that Browns were introduced to New Zealand from Northern Europe. After people noticed how well the Browns flourished on smelt (or cucumber fish) which frequented the shallow depths in estuaries and rivers around Lake Taupo, Rainbows were introduced from California in the 1890’s. 

The service we provide is knowing the best that the country, sport and fishing has to offer. We hope the information on this site is a primer to help get you started and would appreciate if you are thinking about visiting New Zealand, if you contacted our team directly. We can make your dollar go farther and provide you with a seamless and unforgettable trip.

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