Jan 19, 2018

Unlicensed fly fishing guides instill undue risk and lessen the quality of the overall fishing experience for everyone

The value of a good fishing guide in New Zealand goes beyond simply having experience on a stretch of water or helping you stalk fish. Over the last couple of years issues like Health and Safety and insurance have become more important as anglers look to mitigate the chance of something going wrong on the river. Yet, in a recent estimation only half of the guides currently working in New Zealand are licensed- with the proper paperwork filed with Health & Safety.

Using unlicensed guides is a bad idea not only because it brings undue risk, but because it also dilutes the quality of the overall Kiwi fishing experience. We encourage those fishing in New Zealand to not be penny wise and pound foolish. While you are taking the time out of your life to travel to New Zealand and enjoy it for all its beauty and adventure, do it correctly and avoid undue risk.

An unlicensed guide may not seem like a big deal to the visiting international angler, but if caught by Fish and Game the fines and consequences of a bad day will not be limited to the guide. Aside from not being properly trained should something go wrong on the water, guides who are unlicensed do not pay taxes to the state and thus don't support the conservation of the waters. in addition, do you think that an unlicensed guide is taking the time to understand which beats were fished recently? Do they consider issues like private property? 

The Best of New Zealand has worked with and has had relationships with the Professional Guides Association for many years. Part of the value of using our services to book your fly fishing trip is that we take into account the small details that one with less experience simply will not have. You may be an avid angler and have gone to New Zealand in the past, but our experts live New Zealand every day.

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Author: Frank Krieger