Scenic Trip & Partial Fly Fishing: South Island

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This trip begins by traveling the east side of the South Island and provides an experience throughout multiple areas of the South Island. It can be easily extended to a multi-week trip by circling back through the rugged West Coast and spending time exploring its rich ecosystem.

Day 1 (Friday)

Leave the US  

Day 2 (Saturday)

This day is "lost" to the International Dateline  

Day 3 (Sunday) Land and Transfer to The Top of the South Island

After landing in Auckland in the early morning you will clear customs and gather your bags at the International baggage claim. As it will be early in the morning in New Zealand, but 3 hours later to your body from the West Coast of the US, use this time to travel as far as possible on the first day in the country and then leisurely make your way back to Auckland prior to leaving.  

Via a short 10 minute walk to the domestic terminal (by following the marked lines out of the doors of the International terminal) or by taking the intra-terminal bus, you will make your way to the domestic terminal and recheck your bags on a domestic flight (1 hour) to Nelson.  

Upon landing in Nelson it will be mid-morning. Take this opportunity to explore the area and have lunch over the water. After lunch a day hike in the Queen Charlotte Sound could be a nice way to spend your first day outside of the plane and getting exercise as a family.  

Day 4 (Monday): A day in Marlborough District

Waking up on the early side on this day, we recommend a good breakfast and to use the time to get up and out. Depending on the time of year and activities in the area, there are a few day trips we we would recommend including biking, boat excursions, day walks and sight seeing. Cloudy Bay and the QWueen Charlotte Sound are accessible, while attractions like the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre are highly recommended.  

Our daily recommendations will be shaped according to your needs, number of people, etc.  

Day 5 (Tuesday): To Kaikoura

Today you will make your way from the top of the south Island to the east coast and beautiful Kaikoura. This area experienced a large earthquake in 2016, but has since gone to great strides to rebuild. Enjoy the drive in the country and feel free to stop at crayfish shacks (crayfish is NZ’s term for spiny rock lobster) and other small attractions which may dot the road.  

Day 6 (Wednesday): Kaikoura

You have a full day in Kaikoura and there is plenty to do, including whale watching (highly recommended) and kayaking around the coast. Your guides will undoubtedly point out the new formations along the coast, which have expanded the country- providing further reminder that New Zealand is one of the newest “places” in the world.  

Day 7 (Thursday): Christchurch

Today you will make your way further down the coast and into Christchurch. If interested in wineries and tasting, there are options along the way which we can recommend. Enjoy Christchurch as a family, including gondola rides in the park and guided bike tours. This city in 2011 too was involved in an earthquake and much of the construction since has been cutting edge in terms of safety.  

Your accommodations will be on the park and very central to a few of the cities eclectic restaurants.  

Day 8 (Friday): Mt. Cook

It’s likely the farthest that you will drive in a given day while in New Zealand, but the 4 hours to Mt. Cook will certainly be full of beautiful scenery. Traveling away from Christchurch and through the farms of the east you will make your way toward the middle of the Southern Alps and near Mt. Cook National Park.  

This area offers day hiking and relaxing in the mountains, while more the adventurous may opt for a helicopter tour of the mountain and West Coast glaciers (unable to be reached via road from this side of the range).  

Day 9 (Saturday): To Queenstown

Enjoy the morning in the mountains or get on the road early and make your way further down south to Queenstown. The adventure capital of the South Island, this city has been called the Aspen of New Zealand and caters to the international guest very well.  

Along your drive you may be interested to stop at the Highlands Motorsport Park where you can rent time in a race car on a closed track. Instructors will provide a quick setup and also guide you through the track. Other options include riding along with a professional driver in powerful cars and SUVs.  

Day 10 (Tuesday): Queenstown

Within Queesntown there are many day hikes and attractions to keep young and old occupied for many days. Examples: Wine tasting, day hikes, golf, jet boats, sight seeings, cruising, etc. Any and all of these can be arranged by our team- with an eye on those that which will provide a more intimate experience.  

For the angler, this can be the first of a two-day fly fishing experience. Your guide will meet you in the morning at your accommodations and have a packed lunch ready for the river.

Tip: Booking domestic New Zealand flights on the same ticket as your international flight will allow you to check your bags in Queenstown all the way through to the United States. This means that you can leave a little later in the day and get the most out of your time.  

Extending your trip would allow an additional day in Queenstown (exploring places south of the city, like Te Anau via a day trip) in addition to exploration of the South Island up through the west coast.  

Day 11 (Monday): Queenstown

A second day of guided fly fishing and more activities in town.

Day 12 – 17: Up through the West Coast

Highlights would include: Fox/ Franz Joseph Glaciers, Haast Pass, Punakaki rocks, staying at a working High-country sheep station, experiencing guided nature walks, coastline, etc.

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